About Happy Harry's Produce

Happy Harry's started as a tiny roadside fruit stand on upper State Street in Santa Barbara in 1982, in what was a vacant lot next door to the Bank of America at Hope Avenue, right across the street from what used to be Char West Restaurant (now Taco Bell). We took over the location from a woman who had run the stand herself for several years, but had to leave due to health reasons.We were in business in that address until August of 1986, when we were told that the business had to move from that location because of zoning and also because a large building was going to be constucted on that lot. That is now the First American Title Company building.

When we found out we had to move, a man we knew in Goleta named Truman (Sandy) Sanders, who had a roadside stand at the corner of Patterson and Hollister, asked us if we wanted to come out there and become partners with him. The business at that time was called "Happy Harry's and Sandy's".

We made the move, and enlarged Sandy's existing stand and stayed in business there until the end of October in 1997. At that time, we were told by the owners of that property, that they would have building permits in the spring, so once again would have to relocate.

It took more than a year, but in 1998, a new property was found that was for sale. The property was purchased and through the ensuing 10 years, Happy Harry's struggled with getting a new start, but they finally got up and running, and have been a boon to the local community ever since.